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Color Coded Chopping Boards - Best Food Safety for the Kitchen
Color coded chopping boards are a great way to keep uncooked meats from contaminating fruit or veggies.  Knowing  what boards to use with a particular type of food helps to prevent food problems.

This beautiful bamboo cutting board has a storage compartment for the plastic cutting surfaces to be stored.  Just pull out the the color you need for the food item you will be cutting.

The plastic cutting surface will protect the bamboo from getting contaminated from any foods.
The Joseph Joseph index chopping board is the most popular and the most expensive on the market.  Thick quality plastic color coded boards with great storage.
Click here for online discounts and sales.
The Neoflam color cutting boards are strong and durable.  They don't have the easy storage as the ones shown above though.
Click here for the discounted pricing we have found.
Cheap Color Coded Chopping Boards - Cutting Boards

If you are looking for the thin, cheap color coded chopping boards, there is a wide range to choose from.  Click here to see the selection.
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